Windows are an important part of our home. They provide our rooms with warmth, light, and ventilation, but they can also be the reason you are paying a larger electricity bill during the colder seasons. This is something not many people realize until it is too late. Autumn comes, then winter after it, and the bills keep reaching for the sky. However, it’s already too late to change the windows in your home. The best decision is to decide what type of windows you wish and then go for the most energy efficient option on the market.

Picking the Right Energy Efficient Window Frame

This is the first step of the journey. As you know, different window frames have their different pros and cons. For example, wood frames are better resistant to temperature transfer than their aluminium counterparts. That doesn’t make wood the better choice, though. We’re going to take a look at three different materials here. It’s ultimately up to you to make an informed decision, depending on your style and budget.
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The Right Type of Glass

The one thing about energy saving windows is that the contents inside the frame are more important than the frame itself. Of course, here we also have different types of windows. The most important factors you need to know about are these two:

Both of these numbers need to be as low as possible to provide the maximum energy efficiency. Different manufacturers offer different options, but most of the time you, as a client, can choose what type of windows you want to order. Many people go with the low-e, argon filled, double paned windows. Why? Because that’s one of the most efficient ways to get more insulation. It’s considerably more effective than single-pane windows. Such windows provide protection against the heat and UV rays in the summer and heat insulation during the winter. Your heaters will have a lower uptime, thus helping you save money during the cold seasons. The good thing is that these windows cost just about 30 pounds more than the regular ones. They are accessible to anybody! There are also triple-paned windows, but they can obstruct vision. However, they are much more effective in harsh climate conditions.

Efficient Types of Windows

For one, the casement windows offer the most in terms of security and insulation. These windows are extremely effective in climates with heavy wind. Given the abuse they can take, the hinges and seals need regular maintenance to make sure they are performing at their best. That’s a low price to pay for the superior wind protection of the casement windows.

Picture windows are usually larger windows which cannot be opened. Of course, they can also be as effective as other types of windows. It’s good to note that using gas-filled interiors is an amazing decision and should not be overlooked at any cost.

Colin’s Sash Windows are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Here’s why:

Sash windows are among the most wide-spread window types here in the UK. They offer excellent protection, without compromising the design and overall look of the house. Sash windows and run-through horn sash windows are a smart choice if you want all-around great windows that will stand the tests of time and will return the investment in no time.

Of course, proper installation is also very important. If you get the most expensive window, but it’s fitted badly, it will perform worse than its cheaper counterparts. Make sure to find a trusted fitting service and always check the reviews before you buy. If the builders know what they are doing, they will do pre-installation waterproofing long before the windows are installed. Flashing and caulking are fundamental parts of window installation, but they are extremely important for energy efficiency.

In conclusion – get a good idea of how the weather you live in performs in different months and pick the window materials accordingly. With Colin’s Sash Windows, you can find all the above-mentioned types of windows and get them delivered to your door in no time.

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