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Guidance on Government requirements for your new pvc windows and our aluminium steel-look Heritage doors

Here we’re going to look at the latest requirements for the following:

Energy rating/U value Building Regs Part L 2022

Existing building

Your windows will need to achieve an energy rating of B or U-value of 1.4.
Your doors will need to achieve an energy rating of C or U-value of 1.4.

New Build

Your windows and doors will need to achieve a U-value of 1.6 or better.
If the U-value is between 1.3 – 1.6 (higher than the new-build target of 1.2), another element such as the external walls will need to achieve a better u-value than the target stated for that element for the dwelling to achieve its minimum standard of total energy performance.

Ventilation Building Regs Part F 2022

If your home does not have dedicated mechanical background ventilation you will generally need trickle vents. These regulations are quite complicated so you should double check with your builder.

England / Wales

Your products will require trickle vents. In habitable rooms and kitchens, a min. of 8000mm2 equivalent area is required per room (10,000mm2 in single story dwellings). Bathrooms (with or without a toilet) require a min. of 4000mm2.


Your products will require trickle vents. Generally, a min. of 10,000mm2 equivalent area is required per room (12,000mm2 in apartments). However, where infiltration rates in a dwelling exceed 10m3/h/m2 @ 50 Pa, which may often be the case in existing buildings, the ventilation required may be reduced to 8000mm2 for apartments and 4000mm2 for all other rooms. Alternatively, the overall provision of trickle ventilation in a dwelling may be provided at an average of 6000mm2 per room, with a minimum provision of 4000mm2 in each apartment.

In our sash windows the trickle vents are usually placed in the top sash. In our Heritage aluminium French doors they are placed in a 42mm frame extender above the top frame.

PAS 24 – Improved window and door security. Document Q

The Government has decided that certain new windows and doors need to be harder to break into.

Windows and doors in basements and at ground floor level in new build homes and windows or doors that are replacing windows installed on or after the 1st October 2015 need to have enhanced security.

First floor windows or doors installed within 2m vertically of an accessible surface such as the ground, basement level or access balcony and/or within 2m vertically of a flat or sloping roof that is within 3.5m of ground level need to have enhanced security if the house is new build or windows were installed after 2015
Any fire escape windows that need to be PAS 24 with non-keylocking hardware, must be fitted with at least one pane of 6.8mm thick laminate glass

Toughened glass Approved Document K

We use toughened glass in all our doors and side panels. Our sash windows automatically come with at least the bottom half toughened so our customers don’t need to worry about the regulations.

Critical glazing locations in internal and external walls

Fire safety Approved Document Q

The Government requires that in the event of a fire people in the house can escape from each habitable room. We can make sure the windows will comply with the regulations i.e they are at least the minimum size to get through and don’t have a key lock.

On the ground floor if the room has access to a hallway with an exit you don’t need a fire escape window.

On upper floors up to 4.5m from ground level, all habitable rooms must be fitted with fire escape windows, unless the room has direct access to a protected stairway.

On floors above 4.5m from ground level, a protected stair or alternative escape methods such as sprinklers may be required.

As mentioned above any fire escape windows that need to be PAS 24 with non-keylocking hardware, must be fitted with at least one pane of 6.8mm thick laminate glass

The above guidance has been simplified. The rules may change. For more details please ask your builder or see the official documents below

Reference documents

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