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Standard GRP Composite Doors – Supply Only or Supply & Fit (in some areas)

The benefits of our composite doors

Durability – Lot’s of people ask us “What is a GRP composite door?” To ensure superior definition and durability, our doors are crafted using glass reinforced plastic skins (GRP). This material is chosen for its exceptional strength and resistance to wind and water, qualities that make it ideal for boat hull construction. These same properties make it perfect for our composite doors, ensuring they keep people safe and shielded against all weather conditions.

In the UK, where annual rainfall ranges from 700mm in East Anglia to as much as 3,000mm in the Scottish Highlands, our composite doors are rigorously tested to withstand these challenging conditions. They undergo pressure chamber tests, simulating gusting winds from 63 to 80 miles per hour — stronger than hurricane forces. Additionally, they are subjected to a water resistance test, where two litres of water are sprayed at the door every minute, ensuring their robustness against heavy rainfall.

Colours – You’re split for choice here! You asked, we delivered! We’re excited to reveal the introduction of six fresh on trend colours, now available for your perfect composite door.

These six new colours expand our collection to a total of nineteen stylish options, giving you the freedom to personalise your new composite door. The expanded palette includes Agate Grey, Pebble Grey, Fern Green, Purple Violet, Pastel Blue, Turquoise Blue, Poppy Red, Duck Egg Blue, Black Brown, White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak, Darkwood, Cream, Grey, and Chartwell Green.

In addition, we offer comprehensive colour matching options and a selection of nine frame colours: White, Mahogany, Cherrywood, Oak, White Grain, Brown-Black, Grey, Cream, and Chartwell Green. These can be paired with hardware in gold, chrome, black, white, and contemporary styles. With these choices, it’s easy to understand how Door-Stop doors can be customised in over 900 billion ways.

Internal Composite door colours – Understanding the unique needs of interior colour schemes, we provide the option to select different colours for the exterior and interior finishes on all our composite door styles as a standard feature.

Customers have the freedom to choose from our impressive range of 19 colours, creating the perfect combination for their home’s exterior and interior. This allows for the selection of one colour for the door’s external side and a completely distinct shade for the inside, enabling the door to not only reflect the homeowner’s individual taste but also to harmoniously blend with both the external architecture and interior decor.

With our new standard offering of interior colour choices, we make it easier for you to provide your customers with more options, all within our commitment to a 10-day delivery promise and across our entire standard GRP composite door range.

Easily reglazable – Creating a door that merely accommodates glass is straightforward. However, consider the scenario where the glass unit in that composite door you installed gets broken. In such a case, you’d wish it was one of our composite doors.

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Our innovative and patented glazing cassette is designed for easy removal from the inside. This feature allows for the straightforward replacement of the glass while reusing the same cassette. This way, there’s no need for a new door due to damage incurred from attempting challenging and intricate deglazing methods!

Security – With our composite doors we offer a huge variety of certified locking systems tailored to meet your specific requirements, including BS6375 and kitemarked cylinders as standard features. Enhancing your door to meet the PAS24 standard or the police-endorsed Secured By Design specification is effortless with just a single click, and it’s still delivered to you within 7 days.

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