SynSeal Warmcore Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are among the best way to link a patio or conservatory to your home. The technology is truly unique, helping redefine expectations of aluminium doors. The Synseal WarmCore sliding bi-fold doors are some of the best products we are offering to our clients. It’s not just because of the system, but the design options too. We’re always ready to receive your call and explain the details to you. Do not hesitate and let us show you a whole new side of the aluminium door world.

WarmCore Bi-Fold Doors Features

The WarmCore system offers superior thermal performance. The core significantly outperforms the polyamide thermal breaks, which are usually utilised. The “warm aluminium” frame abides to the standard 70mm front-to-back dimensions, while making sure you receive the best thermal performance. This is all thanks to the multi-chambered insulating core. But the Synseal WarmCore system is not just thermal insulation. Every element of these bi-fold doors displays an elegant and thin design, providing high performance and outstanding looks. The parts used in the frame construction are completely weather resistant. The sliding door leaves are triple-sealed and allow for an all-year-round comfort and protection. Strong construction is essential for any aluminium door. WarmCore offers a 5-point lock, running through the full length of the door sash. The construction is created with custom-made roller assemblies and extruded aluminium hinges, raising security to another level. Here are some more features:

  • Standard threshold
  • Any opening conguration
  • Any colour hardware
  • Double glazed toughened softcoat glass
  • U-Value as low as 0.8 W/m2k
  • Secured by Design

Our top quality doors include even more exciting models made from different materials. Take a look at our aluminium Bi-Fold doors or even make your own composite door.

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