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Composite doors are a must-have for every home. They are carefully crafted with a mix of materials, bridging the gap between the traditional wooden products and the modern uPVC doors. Composite doors usually play the role of the focal point of your home. Our products can leave a lasting, great first impression. What’s better than a sturdy and elegant door, designed just the way you want it, welcoming people to your home? Our composite front doors are manufactured with quality in mind. We use only the best materials and the latest technology. We offer billions of variations in our designs – you can check them out on the “design your door” tool below. Luckily for you, we’re delivering affordable composite doors within the whole UK, including Ireland. Our composite door prices are among the lowest on the market and we strive to keep them that way. Let’s take a deep dive and lay out the specifics of our product.

Composite Doors Colours

We offer a huge colour choice for our composite doors. All the classics are present in our designer tool – Chartwell Green, Grey, Darkwood, Oak, Green, Red, and others. However, we do not shy away from adding new options as they become available. Duck Egg Blue, Poppy Red, and Black Brown are just a few of our newer colour options. If you decide to make your choice of front doors composite, you can pick a colour that fits the overall look of your home and even enhance it.

Our quality door frames can also be coloured to your liking. Match your front or back composite door with a choice of 9 frame colours – chartwell green, cream, grey, brown-black, white grain, oak, mahogany, cherrywood, and white! And, to further let you customize the design, our doors can come with various types of hardware – chrome, black, white, gold, or contemporary. We’re not boasting when we say – there are billions of composite door combinations you can buy from us!

Check Our Other Products Too

If making your own composite door seems confusing, well, you can always check our stock doors in various styles and materials. Our new featured uPVC PremiFold doors are also on available for all UK residents.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Composite Doors

Both the UK and Ireland have strong laws for eco-friendliness. We constantly improve the ways we can save our customers even more energy. Our doors are manufactured with a calcium-zinc based compound in the extrusion of the door frame, since it’s much better for the environment than the old-fashioned lead based additives. We also create our door frames in different lengths to avoid additional waste.

We are proud to claim that our doors’ inner rigid foam system is 100% CFC-free.

Energy Saving Certificates

All composite doors are thoroughly examined and rated by The British Fenestration Rating Council. Back when the DER scheme was introduced in September 2011, Door-Stop created the first ever energy rated door and the first door with an energy rating of “A”. We are proud to work with them.

The new energy regulations for all composite doors mean that all manufacturers and resellers will have to comply. Our doors come with a unique energy rating certificate, using a calculation method verified by the Building Research Establishment and BFRC.


Door & side panel construction

GRP compression moulded skins. Choice of external colour, white internal. Polyurethane thermally insulated core. ODP = 0. GWP < 5

Locking mechanism

A choice of Yale, Fab & Fix or Affinity multipoint locks. All Secured by Design standard. Stainless steel austenitic face plate. Inward opening doors tested to BS6375 & PAS024. Fully adjustable keepsets, integral latch snib.

PVC outer frame

Dedicated 70mm fully welded chamfered composite door outerframe specifically designed to work with 44mm door leafs Energy efficient recycled reinforcement. Top box construction One piece door frame with dedicated composite door transom bar.

Door slab edging

2mm PVC white edging with ash grain effect embossing on hinge side Aluminium edge-band on lock side Trimmed and radiused edges to match door leaf. CNC routed to match radius of lock faceplate and hinges.

Glazing cassette

Colour matched reglazable cassette.

Hardware colour

Fully suited in gold, chrome and black.

Handle type

Lever/Lever colour suited to hardware selection.

Hinge type

Adjustable in 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions depending on hardware choice.

Weather performance

BS6375 on inward opening doors BSI Kitemark if flag hinges upgrade is chosen.

Security rating

PAS024 on inward opening doors BSI kitemark if flag hinges upgrade is chosen Q-Mark accreditation

Number of keys 3 Glass

24mm double glazed toughened sealed units. 28mm Low E sealed units used in top boxes and fully glazed panels

Standard cylinder

Conforms to PAS024:1999. Anti-bump Complies to Secured by Design Tested to BS EN 1303:2005 Available in nickel and brass


The manufacturing tolerances for composite doors and/or Side panels are compliant with the British Standard requirements of +/- 3mm.


Hardware / Furniture

A choice of Yale, Fab & Fix or Affinity fully suited hardware and furniture.

Letterplate construction

All metal faceplates and surrounds, suited to match other furniture.

Low threshold

Aluminium part ‘M’ compliant with thermal break and available in white, brown and caramel

Extension profile

Available colour matched in measurements of 15mm, 25mm and 50mm

Fixed hinges

Fixed position butt hinges available.

Lever pad handle

Lever/pad and lever split spindle options available, suited to match other furniture

Composite Doors Maintenance

Composite Door-Stop doors are low maintenance – you’ll find a little care every six months goes a very long way.

Part of the door Recommended Maintenance Notes
Hindges Keep them at their best by lubricating with a little light engineering oil, e.g. 3 in 1
Cylinder Locks Need lubricating with Teflon based lubricant. They're sensitive so don't use oil or graphite powder
Hardware (handles and knockers) Just add a touch of light engineering oil on all moving parts. Especially important if you live near the coaster or by a building or industrial site.

Cleaning your composite doors

Your composite door will stay in top condition with just one clean a month.

Here’s how to care for each part of your door.

Path of the Door Cleaning Finishing
Door Leaf Keep the grime and grit away with warm soapy water (not washing up liquid) and wipe with a soft cloth.
Door Frame Wash with warm soapy water. Stubborn stains demand a specialised PVC-U cleaner. Read the cleaner's guidelines carefully.
External Glass Wash with warm soapy water with soft cloth. Finish with a proprietary glass cleaner.
Leaded Glass Wash with warm soapy water. Finish with a proprietary glass cleaner. (Oxidisation will naturally occur over time.)
Hardware (handlers, knockers) Take a clean cloth and warm water with a mild detergent, then simply wipe clean to a shine.

Design Your Own Composite Door