The Best Aluminium Casement Windows in the UK

Welcome to Colin’s Sash Windows. Here you’ll find a wide variety of casement windows that will suit your every need. They are highly customizable and you can choose from hundreds of colours. The casement windows will bring a modern look to your home and it will look better than ever. There are several glazing options you can choose from and a lot of fixture options that you can install. You can also choose from several types of glass and make them truly unique. Casement windows are the main choice for many people as they have a long-last finish and are easy to maintain.

Why Choose Aluminium Casement Windows?

We have over 10 years of experience in supplying windows for our customers. And we think that casement windows are just the right choice for you. Here’s why:

  • They have a long lasting finish that can endure all types of weather
  • The windows have powder coating for extra durability
  • We have a wide variety of colours you can choose from
  • They are extremely energy efficient
  • Casement windows have secure locking mechanisms for extra security

Casement windows are a top choice for many households because of their sturdiness and low maintenance needs. With hardened, glass they provide extra security and peace of mind. They can greatly reduce the noise that is coming from outside and give you a peaceful home. The windows let a lot of light to enter your rooms which makes your household look even better. They don’t let the heat out like other types of windows and come with a standard B energy efficiency rating. The design is all up to you. The windows can have different colours from inside and outside. There are hundreds of options that you can ask us about and we’ll gladly answer.

Get Your Aluminium Casement Windows Today!

Order your custom aluminium casement windows right away by giving us call! You can additionally use our online contact for to ask us about measurements, fixture, glass types and anything else you need to know about casement windows.