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Premium Aluminium Sash Windows From The UK’s Leading Sash Window Experts

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What are aluminium sash windows?

Aluminium sash windows seamlessly blend classic charm with contemporary functionality in modern architecture. These windows, characterized by vertical sliding panels, honour tradition while integrating advanced materials for energy efficiency. With sleek lines and customizable designs, they bridge historical aesthetics and present-day needs, making them a defining feature that marries the past with the future in architectural design.

It’s important to choose the right window system for energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality. Here at Colin’s Sash Windows we offer 2 types; the UK’s best selling aluminium sash window – Smart Systems VS 600. We also have another range with more budget friendly prices and possibly the lowest price in the UK. Please ask us for a quote

Smart Systems VS 600 Overview

  • Melds classic style with modern functionality in aluminium sash windows.
  • Crafted by Smart Systems, a leader in architectural solutions.
  • Slim sightlines and refined profiles for timeless sash window aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Incorporates thermal breaks and high-performance glazing.
  • Prevents heat loss, enhancing sustainability and potential cost savings.


  • Multi-point locking system and toughened glass options.
  • Ensures robust security against intrusions.


  • Wide range of colours, finishes, and hardware choices.
  • Tailored to match individual preferences and architectural themes.
  • A pinnacle of traditional elegance and modern engineering.
  • Reflects Smart Systems’ commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.
Aluminium sash windows are a popular architectural feature in the UK and other parts of the world. Sash windows are a type of window design that involves one or more movable panels, or “sashes”, that slide vertically or horizontally to open or close the window. These windows are known for their elegant and traditional appearance, and they have been used in British architecture for centuries. The addition of aluminium as a material for constructing sash windows brings modern benefits to this classic design.

Benefits of Smart Systems VS 600 aluminium sash windows

Material Advantages:

  • Crafted from durable and lightweight aluminium.
  • Strength, corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance.
  • Modern twist on classic timber sash windows.
  • Slim sightlines, contemporary thermal efficiency, and enhanced security.

Thermal Excellence:

  • Advanced thermal insulation design.
  • Double or triple glazing options available.
  • Low-emissivity (low-E) coatings and thermal breaks.
  • Minimizes heat loss, boosts energy efficiency.

Enhanced Security:

  • Equipped with multi-point locking systems.
  • Options for toughened or laminated glass.
  • Addressing historical vulnerabilities of sash windows.

Design Flexibility:

  • High degree of customization with colours, finishes, and designs.
  • Tailored appearance to complement any architectural style.

Low Maintenance Solution:

  • Resistant to weathering, rot, and pests.
  • Contrast with traditional timber windows’ high maintenance needs.

Blend of Heritage and Modernity:

  • Available in both traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Seamlessly combines historical aesthetics and modern features.
  • Adaptable to diverse architectural contexts.

Balancing Cost and Value:

  • They are more expensive than uPVC sash windows
  • Long-term durability and energy efficiency offset initial investment.
  • Considered investment in the property’s aesthetics and performance.

In summary, the Smart Systems VS 600 embodies the best of modern technology and traditional design. Its aluminium construction provides durability, thermal efficiency, and security, while offering design versatility and low maintenance. With options to suit both heritage and modern architecture, it stands as a valuable choice that delivers lasting benefits.

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