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Mechanically Jointed uPVC Sash Windows

Mechanical joints

Our mechanically jointed sash window replicates the 90-degree joins on timber sliding sash windows. Our customers have always had a lot of success getting approval for our normal uPVC sliding sash windows in conservation areas but with this window – from the incredible £437+VAT, it`s almost a forgone conclusion.

No other supplier in the UK can offer this price for this style of window. Call us today – we are the specialists! Check our measuring guide, get your sizes and ask for your sash windows online quote!

Benefits of UPVC Sash Windows

Energy efficient:
UPVC sash windows provide excellent insulation, reducing energy bills.

Low maintenance:
They are easy to clean and maintain, saving time and effort.

UPVC windows are long-lasting and resistant to rot and decay.

Woodgrain uPVC

Mechanically jointed uPVC sash
£437-£517 +VAT
800 mm <–> 2100 mm
375 mm <–> 1200 mm

FROM £437 + VAT

  • Double glazed – argon gas filled, Low E glass
  • Mechanical joints
  • White furniture
  • ‘A’ energy rated, 1.4 U-Value
  • Warm edge spacer bars
  • No sash horns
  • Trickle vents
  • Toughened glass on the bottom sash
  • 150mm stub cill
  • Small delivery charge applicable for orders less than 4 windows or if you are based in some remote parts of UK

* Any other feature is extra charged. Bigger sizes (up to 1500mm wide and 2600mm high) available for a small extra charge as well. 


Standard Woodgrain Collection

  • White sash color
  • Anthracite Grey sash color
    Anthracite Grey
  • Cream sash color
  • Black Brown sash color
    Black Brown
  • Golden Oak sash color
    Golden Oak
  • Rosewood sash color

Special Woodgrain Collection

  • Chartwell Green sash color
    Chartwell Green
  • Agate Grey colour
    Agate Grey
  • Irish Oak sash color
    Irish Oak
  • English Oak colour
    English Oak
  • Nut tree colour
    Nut tree
  • Anthracite Smooth Grey colour
    Anthracite smooth grey

Choose from a wide range of colours. As standard our sash windows come in a smooth white finish but you can also have them sprayed in any RAL colour.

If you want a more natural look our woodgrain colour selection is the right choice. The foiled finishes bring windows to life with a woodgrain effect that never needs painting. Dual colour finishes are also available: meaning a coloured exterior can be paired with a smooth white interior to keep its effect on the room neutral. Our special woodgrain colours are available with longer lead time.

  • White furniture
  • Black furniture
  • Antique black furniture
    Antique Black
  • Satin furniture
  • Chrome furniture
  • Graphite furniture
  • Gold furniture
  • Bronze furniture

High quality hardware is fixed to integral reinforcements for reliable and smooth opening. The optional travel restrictors stop both the top and bottom sashes from opening more that 100mm. The restrictor is non-locking and auto-engages when the sash slides past. They are primarily used as both a safety and security feature. The hooks and pole eyes come loose so you can decide whether you`d like them or not.

As standard, each window is supplied with white furniture including lock, pole eyes and sash pulls. With all optional finishes, you will find exactly the right match for your taste. Heritage style hardware also available.

* Note – our travel restrictors are optional and they are only available in white, chrome, gold and satin silver

Choose between the extra features for your trade uPVC sash windows we offer while keeping the exceptional energy saving capabilities and durability of the material:

  • Astragal bars
    Astragal Bars
  • Georgian bars
    Georgian Bars
  • Run-through sash horn
    Run Through Sash Horns
  • Trickle vents sash windows 1
    Trickle Vents
  • Deep bottom rail
    Deep Bottom Rail
  • Obscured glass 2
    Obscured glass
  • Sill sizes
    Bigger sills
  • Arches
    Arched Sunburst Layout
  • Fire escape sash windows
    Fire escape hinges
  • Secured by design
    PAS 24/Secured by Design
  • Frame extenders sash windows
    Frame extenders

Our vertical sliding sash windows can be manufactured to a style to suit your home. Here are a few examples of the bar layouts available including the popular Georgian sash windows style. Our windows come with equal sized top and bottom sashes (50/50 split) as standard, however we are able to manufacture other split ratios at your request (minimum transom drop of 350mm).

  • Non bars window style
    Non Bars
  • Three light window style
    Three Light
  • Three offset light window style
    Three Offset Light
  • 2/5x3/5 window style
    2/5 x 3/5
  • Asymmetric window style
  • Margin window style
  • Half georgian window style
    Half Georgian
  • Georgian window style
  • Georgian variant window style
    Georgian Variant
  • Fire egress window style
    Fire Egress A
  • 1/3x2/3 window style
    1/3 x 2/3
  • Swept head window style
    Swept Head
  • True arch window style
    True Arch

Mechanically jointed uPVC sash

Spectus uPVC Profile

Frame Depth128mm
Corner DetailMechanical joints
Meeting Rail50mm
Plant on Sash HornsStandard
WoodgrainOptional Extra
Deep Bottom RailOptional Extra
20mm Astragal Bar/sOptional Extra
Weather BarOptional Extra



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