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At Colin Sash Windows, we supply the finest timber sash windows, crafted carefully to retain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows while incorporating the best modern-day materials. With our timber sash windows, maintenance problems, and drafts are eliminated. You truly get to experience the quality and ease of mind that wooden sash windows are known for.

Our wooden sash windows are designed to enhance the beauty of your home while offering exceptional security. Since 2014, we have been supplying reliable timber sash windows to homeowners across the UK. Whether you need supply only or supply-and-fit (in select areas), we are always here to help. Contact us for more details today.

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Cost of Wooden Sash Windows – Premium Timber Sash as Low as £350

You can choose a RAL colour and our timber sash windows will come in that finish, complete with high-quality “Mighton” hardware. Prices start at just £350.

From the large variety of windows, you can choose whether you need traditional cords, weights, or modern spring balances. At Colin Sash Windows, our windows are handcrafted by skilled joiners using engineered hardwood and softwood sills, and sustainable hardwood.

Our double-glazed windows feature 4/16/4 argon-filled sealed units with warm edge spacers for superior thermal efficiency.

Our timber sash windows cost is rather competitive because we aim to please you. Despite offering exceptional quality, our windows weigh less on your wallet. We understand the importance of value for money and that is why we offer competitive timber sash windows cost without compromising quality. Our windows are priced to offer the best possible return on your investment, making it easy to upgrade your home in an affordable manner.

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Features of Our Wooden Timber Sash Windows

Our wooden sash windows are designed to make sure that your home retains its character, design, and charm while offering a modern appeal. Some key features of our wooden timber sash windows are:

Elegant Wooden Design

Beautifully crafted to enhance your home’s aesthetics and appeal.

Double Glazed Units

Improved insulation helps you reduce energy bills and have peace of mind.

Safe and Secure

Robust construction with high-quality raw materials to keep your house safe.

Material Options

Available in softwood or hardwood throughout the UK for homeowners.

Astragal Bars Available

Customize the appearance with astragal bars to suit your preferences.

Variable Designs and Shapes

Tailor-made to fit your specific requirements and instructions.

Energy Efficiency

Engineered to provide excellent thermal performance no matter how high the temperature.

Slimline Sealed Units Option

For a more traditional look without compromising on modern benefits and appeal.


Experience a competitive timber sash windows cost that no other windows supplier offers.

Explore the Finest Sash Windows in the UK

Hardwood Sash Windows

Our hardwood sash windows are designed from high-quality sustainable hardwood, offering a timeless appearance with exceptional durability. Ideal for people and homeowners who are looking for an upgrade.

If you prefer durability, our hardwood sash windows are just what you need. With multiple customization options, you can change them to your style and house’s interior without a problem.

Double Glazed Wooden Sash Windows

Our double glazed wooden sash windows offer the right blend of traditional aesthetics and modern performance. With enhanced insulation properties, they keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. At the same time, they reduce noise from the outside.

Whether you live in humid or cold areas, our double glazed wooden sash windows are the right fit for your house. They help you maintain just the right temperature without any problem.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Timber sliding sash windows are a classic choice for any home as they combine the practicality of modern engineering with the aesthetic appeal of natural wood. Smooth sliding mechanisms and quality materials ensure ever-lasting performance.

If you are looking for a simple window solution, timber sliding sash windows are just what you need. They look great, are simple to operate, and last years to come, making an ideal investment option.

Wooden Sliding Sash Windows

Our wooden sliding sash windows are created to offer a seamless blend of modern functionality and traditional style. They are easy to operate and maintain as they offer excellent light control and ventilation.

With a minimalist appearance, wooden sliding sash windows fit right into any house without disturbing the interior.

Wooden Sash Window Replacement

If your current windows are outdated, draughty and worn, our wooden sash window replacement service is here to help you. We provide comprehensive replacement solutions that improve the efficiency and appearance of your home, using high-quality timber sash windows that are built to last.

At Colin Sash Windows, we are dedicated to offering premium timber sash windows that meet the highest standards of performance and quality. Whether you need a new installation or a replacement, you can let us know about your needs, style, and preferences. Contact us today to learn more about our products, schedule a consultation, or request a quote. Transform your home with the modern efficiency and timeless beauty of our wooden sash windows.

Hardware information of timber sash windows

We use quality Mighton Products hardware which is available in different colours such as white, chrome, satin chrome and brass.

Fitch fasteners

These come locking or non locking, 1 or 2 per window depending on width Ring pulls – these are fitted on the top sash so you can pull it down 1 or 2 depending on the width

Angel Ventlock

Angel Ventlock safety restrictors available as an option. When in position they make sure the bottom sash can’t be opened more than 100mm (approx.)

Trickle vents

these are fitted as standard to comply with UK Building regs. We use concealed vents. They are hardly noticeable on the outside of the window

Ring pulls

These are fitted on the top sash so you can pull it down 1 or 2 depending on the width

Sash lifts

These are fitted on the bottom sash so you can slide it up and down. 1 or 2 depending on the width


What are timber sash windows?

– Timber sash windows are traditional windows commonly found in historic homes, featuring one or more movable panels or “sashes” that slide vertically or horizontally.

What are the benefits of timber sash windows?

– Timber sash windows offer aesthetic appeal, excellent insulation, longevity, and the ability to preserve the historic character of a property.

How should I maintain my timber sash windows?

– Regular maintenance includes cleaning, painting or varnishing, checking for rot or damage, and ensuring the sash cords and weights function properly.

What types of glazing are available for timber sash windows?

– Options include single glazing, double glazing, and even triple glazing, with various glass types such as laminated, toughened, or acoustic glass.

How much do timber sash windows cost?

– The cost varies depending on the size, style, and customization options, but generally, they are more expensive than uPVC due to their quality and craftsmanship.


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