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We’re pleased to offer integral blinds with our casement windows, French doors and bifold doors.
Venetian Integral blinds
Venetian Integral blinds

Where are Integral Blinds Most Useful?

  • Blinds for bifold doors
  • Blinds for patio doors
  • Blinds for French doors

 What are Integral Blinds?

Integrated blinds, also known as blinds for double glazed windows, present a clever window solution where the blinds are encased within the glass panels of your windows or doors. In contrast to conventional blinds that are typically installed on the window frame or inside the room, these blinds are securely sealed within the double glazing unit. This innovative design of our double glazing blinds provide a multitude of benefits. In our increasingly sunny and hot climate some of the blinds offer 70% solar reflection to keep your rooms cooler during the hottest part of the day. Double glazing with integral blinds can also help to keep the heat in during cold weather. Most of our blinds have magnetic devices to tilt Venetian blinds and move them up and down. No more unsightly cords to tangle that are a choking hazard for children.

What types of integral blinds are available?

  • Venetian integral blinds – characterized by their horizontal slats, enable precise control over the amount of light entering your room, even when the blinds are completely lowered. They provide privacy while also permitting the option to let in light by simply adjusting the orientation of the slats. This is the only type suitable for sash windows because they’re available for a 16mm gap between the 2 panes of glass.
  • Pleated blinds – Our selection of chic pleated blinds come in a big choice of fabrics to seamlessly enhance any interior design. Integral pleated blinds, which gently diffuse light, are a captivating and sophisticated solution that comes with several practical advantages. Notably, they require no cleaning or maintenance. Safely nestled between the double or triple glazed panes of glass within windows, bi-fold doors, and conservatories, they maintain their pristine condition for many years. Additionally, they are ideal for rooms prone to condensation or moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Blackout blinds – If you need a good night’s sleep, have a children’s bedroom or have a cinema room and need 100% darkness these are ideal for you. They’re available in a range of internal colours and there’s no “light bleed” around the blind.
Pleated blackout binds
Blackout Integral blinds

How do integrated blinds work?

For Venetian blinds we have a manually operated “SV” sliding system that incorporates a single, ingeniously designed magnetic slider for complete control. Situated on a slender sliding guide at the edge of the sealed unit, this cordless magnetic slider enables effortless adjustment of the blind, allowing for raising, lowering, and tilting without the need for cords.

For pleated including blackout blinds the “S” sliding system is a removable magnetic device positioned centrally on the outer surface of the internal glass to the corresponding internal magnet located in the moveable rail.

We also offer mains powered electric and solar powered electric options for all blinds with remote control or by a wall mounted switch.

How much do integral blinds cost?

For sash windows (2 units per window) from £440.
For a single leaf of average size bifold doors with integrated blinds from £350.
For a single unit in casement uPVC windows from £170.

How to get your windows with built in blinds?

You can order our integral blinds with your new windows, replace your existing sealed units supply only with nationwide delivery or we offer a supply and fit service to replace your old sealed units in many areas – please request a quote.


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