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Single Glazed Interior Steel Doors

Internal single door + partition in steel-1

Our doors, your interior!

Why Choose Black Steel Doors?

Black steel doors are a popular choice for homeowners due to their durability, modern aesthetic, and security features. With a sleek design and low maintenance, these doors are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any home. Upgrade to black steel doors for style and peace of mind.

*Please note that these doors are not fire rated. We can offer fire rated steel doors but they’re really expensive at circa £7k for a French door.

We have a few designs in our gallery with some example prices below. All door types are custom made though.

Example prices

Hinged doorsex. VAT
French doors 1800mm wide x 2100mm high (image 1)£2310
French doors with side panels 2800mm wide x 2100mm high (image 2)£3260
Single door 900mm wide x 2100mm high (image 3)£1510
Single door with side panel 1400mm wide x 2100mm high (image 4)£1770
Sliding doorsex. VAT
Double sliding door 1800mm wide x 2100mm high (image 5)£2440
Single sliding door 900mm wide x 2100mm high (image 6)£1540

* Prices for Black RAL 9005 Matt, single glazed, black hinges and handles. Additional delivery charge may be applicable depending on the delivery area.

You could also check our internal slim aluminium doors – a cheaper alternative to steel – Internal Aluminium Doors and Partitions.

Internal steel french door -2
Internal corner door steel steel hinged - 3

The steel hinged door is supplied with a frame and hinges. A draft strip is attached to the frame for a better seal. This type of door is available in a left or right opening direction. The hinged door has a turning circle of 90 degrees. We are able to offer different design options that you can choose from. From sleek and timeless to a more elegant and soothing design, we have a solution for every interior style.

In addition to the wide choice of designs, you also have several handle options – a traditional mortice latch handle, trim handle or pull handle.

Internal Steel Doors and Partitions handle - TRIM
Trim handle
Internal Steel Doors and Partitions handle - GUARDED
Mortice latch handle
Pull handle

The steel sliding door has the great advantage of taking less space. Because the door opens along the wall, you can have optimal use of both spaces. The sliding door also gives a more robust appearance because of the rail system presence. Due to the lack of a frame or a hinge incorporated in the frame, the sliding door looks slimmer than a steel hinge door. Just like the other door type we offer, you can design the steel sliding door entirely according to your own wishes.

We offer a concealed rail system. As standard you get a kind of U-profile in which the trains of the sliding door are concealed. This has a very sleek appearance and the system can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.

Internal Steel Doors and Partitions handle sliding - TRIM
Trim handle
Internal Steel Doors and Partitions handle sliding - CUP
Pocket handle
Pull handle

Steel Bifold doors
Steel Bifold doors

All designs could be applied to any type of steel doors


  • Plain
  • 2 panes
    2 panels


  • 3 panes
    3 panes
  • 3 panes special
    3 panes special


  • 4 panes
    4 panes
  • 5 panes
    5 panes


  • 3 blocks
    3 blocks
  • 4 blocks
    4 blocks


  • elegant
  • elegant +
    Elegant +


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