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DIY Warm Roofs for Conservatories and Extensions

Why Install An Insulated Conservatory Warm Roof Replacement?

A conservatory can be the perfect way to enjoy your garden from the comfort of inside your home. Or at least, it should be. Unfortunately, many conservatories suffer from the common problems of quickly becoming too warm under a hot sun, but too cold for most of the winter.

This is because most older conservatory designs use polycarbonate sheets for the roof. Even when triple glazed, this material is a poor insulator and lets heat enter and exit easily through the roof.

Replacing your conservatory roof with a tiled warm conservatory roof designed with more energy-efficient insulating materials will not only make your conservatory a comfortable space you can enjoy throughout the year but also cut down on your heating costs during the winter.

A Solid Warm Roof Conservatory Has Higher Thermal Efficiency

Our warm roofs for conservatories have excellent thermal performance, with a U value of only 0.18 w/mk. This means that in the summer, very little of the heat outside will be able to enter your conservatory through the roof. Similarly, in winter the heat inside your home will not be able to escape through the conservatory roof. As a result, you can heat your conservatory even on the coldest days without worrying about wasted energy costs.

A Tiled Conservatory Warm Roof Provides Sound Insulation

Heat is not the only thing that our conservatory roof replacement can help to insulate your home from. It also provides much more effective soundproofing. That means you can more easily relax and enjoy some peace and quiet in your conservatory, despite any noise that might be going on outside. We use market leading Tapco tiles in a range of colours. They look like the real thing.

Better Weatherproofing

Our replacement conservatory warm roofs are lightweight but very robust, able to resist strong winds and effectively keep both wind and rain outside no matter the weather, as well as preventing condensation on conservatory windows.

Made To Measure

Our warm roofs are built with sustainably-sourced timber using traditional methods, and can be made to fit any size or shape that you need. Not only are they highly durable and built to last, they will also transform your current conservatory into a more beautiful and comfortable extension of your home.

Warm roof conservatory internal view

Optional Skylights

Adding a solid tiled roof to your conservatory does not mean you have to lose your view of the sky. You will also have the choice of adding a skylight to the solid roof. The skylight window will be double glazed as standard, giving you all the benefits of a tiled roof without sacrificing your view of the clouds or the night sky.

Get A Top Quality Conservatory Roof Replacement Quote

Are you considering the benefits of a tiled roof replacement for your conservatory? We can supply insulated conservatory roofs to match the style of and available space of almost any home, whether traditional or modern, and at a great price. They are also perfect for house extensions. Get in touch today using the contact form or details below to discuss your roof replacement plans and get a quote for your new roof!

All roofs are made in a factory environment, labelled, dismantled and packaged ready for reassembly on-site. The kits have everything you need in DIY form for easy construction. All you need is plasterboard for the inside, flashing and lighting.

Everything you need is in the kit – all pre-cut, all screws, pins, apart from lead


  • 48mm x 100mm engineered timber plate/ring beam
  • Hips, ridges and valleys are 145mm x 45mm treated C24 timber
  • Rafters are 145mmx x 45mm treated C24 timber. Fully birds mouthed at plate, fixed at 400mm
  • All rafters, hips and valleys are secured with 2No. 100mm x 6mm coach screws at each end


  • 40mm thick, 19 layer, YBS Superquilt pinned over rafters
  • 25mm x 50mm counter-battens over the rafters to maintain an air gap above the YBS Superquilt
  • 12mm structural ply over the counter-battens nailed at 250mm centres with 90mm galvanised
    nails, creating a diaphragm for added rigidity
  • Membrane over ply
  • Lightweight synthetic Tapco tiles over membrane
  • Finished with uPVC fascia and gutter


  • Factory cut 80mm Extratherm PIR insulation between rafters
  • Foil tape to all joints
  • 9.5mm plasterboard. Ready for skim plaster finish
Warm roofs kit tiles

  • Tapco tiles 706 plum colour
  • Tapco tiles 712 chestnut brown colour
  • Tapco tiles 790 coachman mix colour
  • Tapco tiles 801 stone black colour
  • Tapco tiles 804 pewter grey colour
  • Tapco tiles 809 red rock colour
  • TapcoSlate Classic is manufactured from recyclable virgin limestone and polypropylene
  • Lightweight – as low as 12kg per square metre
  • Easy to install with pre-marked nailing and exposure guides and spacers
  • Easily cut with a fine-toothed saw or sharp utility blade
  • Built-in camber for tighter fit when fixed in situ
  • Packaged in bundles of 25 for easy handling
  • Fully tested to BBA, ETA, UKTA and CE/UKCA standards, including fire rating, wind, driven snow & rain, and water absorption
  • Choice of colours

Edwardian roof shape


Gull-wing roof shape


Roof windows

Versatile window, suitable for single or multiple applications in any roof with a pitch of 15°-90°.
The opening handle is conveniently placed at the top of the window and also controls ventilation, giving the option of fresh air flow even when the window is locked and secure.

  • Premium grade PVC materials
  • Moisture resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Energy efficient

Available sizes



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