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Colin’s DIY Secondary Glazing

Vertical sliding secondary glazing

Vertical sliding secondary glazing

Over the years we’ve had lots of customers who live in listed buildings who can’t fit our amazing uPVC Sash Windows even though most people can’t notice the difference between them and timber. Our secondary glazing is one of the best available in the UK. You can save a lot of money by ordering and fitting yourself if you are a competent DIYer. You can find cheaper but you won’t find better. Our units are made to last a generation.

Secondary glazing offers a range of advantages, making your home cozier, quieter, and more secure.

Our custom-made secondary glazing solutions feature a sturdy, sleek, and inconspicuous aluminium profile. The best part is, unlike double glazing, you won’t need to replace your current windows, enabling you to enjoy all the benefits hassle-free.

Discover the comprehensive product lineup from Colin’s Secondary Glazing.

Our secondary glazing offerings are precision-crafted to exact measurements and designed for durability. Choose from a diverse array of options, whether you need vertical sliding secondary glazing for sash windows or customized solutions for unique window shapes. Our expert team is equipped to design, manufacture, and seamlessly install the ideal solution tailored to your home’s needs, regardless of whether you own a new build, a listed property, or a commercial establishment.

Curious about the appearance of secondary glazing?

It entails meticulously installing a slimline glazed unit within your current windows. You’ll find it barely noticeable unless you deliberately search for it. Our latest product range features ultra-slim sightlines, providing a seamless and unobstructed view of the world outside your window. Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of RAL colours to perfectly match your existing window style.

Tailored to complement your home’s style

Our secondary glazing offers a versatile selection with five distinct product types. Moreover, we can even create custom-manufactured shapes, allowing limitless aesthetic possibilities. Whatever your existing window style may be, rest assured, we have a secondary glazing solution to perfectly match it. Emphasizing sleek and unobtrusive aesthetics across all our product types, we have bid farewell to the days of bulky secondary glazed frames. Our product range is thoughtfully optimized for contemporary living, ensuring seamless integration into modern spaces.

Sleek, unobtrusive and elegant

Our secondary glazing seamlessly integrates with both traditional and contemporary decor. It leaves the appearance of your existing windows unaffected. Engineered with precision, our secondary glazing perfectly fits on or within the original window, offering a wide selection of styles and colours to effortlessly blend in with your surroundings. Moreover, we customize the style, colour, and shape to match your precise requirements and specifications, ensuring a truly tailored and stylish solution for your home.

Horizontal sliding secondary glazing

Hinged secondary glazing

Enhanced security for your home

This one of the many benefits of secondary glazing. Acting as a visual deterrent and providing an additional barrier to entry, our secondary glazing employs toughened glass and top-grade aluminium profiles to create virtually unbreakable windows. Say goodbye to unsightly security measures that could devalue your property. With secondary glazing, you can enjoy a cozier and more secure home without compromising your existing decor.

Experience the power of noise reduction and heat retention with secondary glazing

This cost-effective alternative to traditional window replacement effectively minimizes external noise, granting you a serene and tranquil living environment. Additionally, if draughty windows pose a concern, secondary glazing acts as an extra defence, ensuring your home stays cozy and warm by preventing heat loss. The results are remarkable, with noise levels reduced by up to 80% and a significant reduction in heat loss of up to 65%.

Maintenance made simple!

Many of our product types feature removable secondary glazed frames, providing unparalleled ease for cleaning and maintenance tasks. Our latest secondary glazing product range takes this convenience even further, introducing the innovative ‘Slide Past’ variation of our vertical sliding unit, eliminating blind spots and granting seamless access for cleaning. At Granada Secondary Glazing, we understand that the purpose of secondary glazing is to enhance your existing setup, which is why we prioritize ensuring all our product types are effortlessly easy to maintain.

A Wealth of Advantages

Secondary glazing brings forth a host of benefits. Not only does it reduce external noise and heat loss, but it also preserves the character and charm of your home while reaping the benefits of modern-day thermal and acoustic performance. The savings don’t end there – our secondary glazing solution dramatically reduces heating costs by effectively keeping the cold weather at bay, ensuring your home remains cozy and energy-efficient.

When it comes to the finest secondary glazing, look no further than Colin’s Secondary Glazing.

We take pride in crafting our products using the highest-grade aluminium profile and durable hardware. Our aluminium secondary glazing offers strength and exceptional performance in noise reduction and heat retention. Notably, it presents a sleeker profile compared to other frames like wooden secondary glazing. Unlike magnetic secondary glazing, our aluminium solution is built to withstand the test of time. Moreover, it ensures continued access to your main window, setting it apart from secondary glazing film. With Colin’s Secondary Glazing, you can trust in the superior quality and lasting benefits of our top-tier aluminium secondary glazing.

Our most popular options of secondary glazing

Sliding secondary glazing

This is a versatile choice, suitable for most window types and is our most popular option. Horizontal sliding units are designed to be slim, allowing for easy access when cleaning and ventilating your windows. They seamlessly complement all property types and styles, providing up to a remarkable 65% reduction in heat loss and an impressive 80% noise reduction. These sliding secondary glazing units are perfect for various windows, including casement, hinged, or those with vertical bars. You can select from a wide range of sizes and configurations, or we can tailor-make them to precisely fit your home’s unique requirements. With options of two, three, four, or five panels, the sashes are entirely removable for convenient cleaning of the existing window. To ensure a smooth sliding action, the sashes are equipped with brass rollers, further enhancing their ease of use and functionality.

Sliding secondary glazing
Vertical sliding

Designed specifically for box sash windows, this secondary glazing option delivers a thoroughly traditional appearance and functionality with the added benefit of a tilt option. It proves to be an ideal choice for both heritage properties and contemporary buildings alike. The vertical sliders feature a tilt function that allows each panel to pivot inward, facilitating easy access and cleaning.
If you find yourself unable to replace sash windows with modern double glazing in a listed or heritage property, our secondary glazing solution comes to the rescue while preserving the sightlines of the original windows. Fitted discreetly on the inside, secondary glazing for sash windows offers all the advantages of modern living without compromising the exterior appearance. Moreover, it provides enhanced security as the windows are lockable.

For modern properties, our sash window secondary glazing offers a vintage aesthetic, beautifully enhancing the property’s style while maintaining the benefits of 80% noise reduction and 65% improved thermal insulation. This perfect fusion of classic charm and modern comfort ensures your living space remains cozy, tranquil, and visually appealing.

Vertical sliding
Side hinged

Our hinged secondary glazing is a versatile solution suitable for any style of window, combining modernity with a touch of tradition. Whether you have casement or traditional box sash windows, our hinged panels seamlessly integrate with them. You have the flexibility to choose the side where the hinges are positioned, allowing the panels to open into the room according to your preference. Additionally, if needed, they can also be hung from the top.
For enhanced acoustic performance, you can opt for either single or double-glazed panes. Our multi-point locking system ensures a secure fit, creating a tight seal with the outer frame to retain the room’s warmth. This feature provides a remarkable 80% noise reduction and an additional 65% thermal insulation. Rest assured, all our hinged units are equipped with a secure multi-point locking system as standard.
With no transoms or mullions obstructing the view, our hinged secondary glazing windows are an unobtrusive choice for both heritage and modern properties. Their full access design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of both the secondary glazed and existing windows. Enjoy the perfect balance of functionality and elegance with our hinged secondary glazing system, tailored to enhance your living space discreetly and efficiently.

Side hinged
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