uPVC Sash Windows at Trade Prices

At Colin’s Sash Windows we are all about providing our customers with high-quality windows. Our uPVC sliding sash windows and regular sash windows are produced in the United Kingdom and are supplied nationwide. Our trade price agreements allow us to sell our products with amazing discounts! uPVC sash windows have become a quality stamp in terms of energy efficiency, style, and low maintenance costs. Since our windows come with a 10 year warranty, you don’t have to worry about your investment. The sash windows are also extremely easy to clean – they tilt in as well as sliding like traditional timber sash windows.


A Choice of Colours

We offer a wide variety of colours that you can choose from. Along with the traditional white colour you can select and specify any RAL colour you want for your home. They can be customized so they can fit every design and satisfy your needs. At Colin's, we're extremely proud of our wood grain colour selection. These are special finishes that imitate perfectly a wooden look. A special foil is applied to the window with a heat bonding process. This makes them extra durable and long-lasting. And from a distance, you can never tell that this is not a genuine wooden window. Nowadays, the Heritage RAL colours are exceptionally popular. You can take a pick from our gallery or write to us with questions about other colours you wish to choose.


Our UPVC sash windows can be specified with a wide arrange of additional hardware colours. There are white, gold, chrome and satin silver variations of the handles and locking mechanisms. This way you can customize your preferred window even more! The colours are carefully chosen to suit even the most fastidious customer. The special coating of the hardware is ultra durable and will last many years with even high daily usage. Additionally, you can ask us about more colour options using our online contact form.

Type of Sash Horns

As one of the key features in a uPVC sash window, the sash horns are important selection for every client. Here at Colin’s, we offer you the opportunity to select your preferred type of sash horns. There are just two of them – run-through and plant on (also known as stick on). This simple yet important feature can make your uPVC sash windows instantly recognisable. But what to choose when you are not sure how these two differ from each other? For most clients, the run-through sash horns are a natural choice, simply because of the authentic look of the windows. Without any visible extensions, the uPVC sash window looks excellent and keep its aesthetic look. On the other hand, plant on sash horns is added as a small attachment just like the picture below shows.

Extra Features Available

Choosing between a wide range of extra features for your uPVC sash windows will add the needed touch of elegance to your property while still keeping the exceptional energy saving capabilities and durability of the material. Get the most for your windows by selecting our various extra features listed here:

  • Full Range of RAL or Farrow and Ball Colours & Renolit Foils
  • Astragal/Georgian bars
  • Run-through sash horns
  • Pilkington Obscure glass
  • Deep Bottom Rail
  • Seamless Welding
  • Secured by Design

UK Manufactured uPVC Sash Windows - Supply Only


Profile (PVC) 10 years
Wood-Grain Lamination 10 years
Glass Units 10 years
Colour Coating (spraying) 10 years
Balance Mechanism 5 years
Stainless Steel Tilt Arms 10 years
Galvanised Steel Products 5 years
Locking Mechanism, Handles and Additional Hardware 1 years

More Details

  • £249 plus VAT for virtually any size*
  • Fast UK delivery from 7 working days
  • Small delivery charge applicable if:
    1. ordered less than 5 windows
    2. or suppled to Ireland, Northern Ireland and some remote parts of UK
  • Max size 1250mm wide x 2300mm high
  • Extra charge for bigger windows applicable


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