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Measuring & Installation of uPVC Sash Windows

Check our handy PDF showing how to measure and fit our Spectus sliding sash windows.

uPVC Sash Windows Extra Features


Run through sash horns

This feature is an aesthetic addition to our uPVC sash windows that lend their period charm.

  • Run through sash horns – mechanically jointed, made continuous with the frame.


Astragal bars
Astragal bars
Georgian bars
Georgian bars

To achieve a traditional look without the need for individual units of glass, our vertical sliding sash windows offer a choice of internal/external glazing bars.

The astragal bars are on the outside of the glass. Inside the sealed unit between the two panes of glass there is a warm edge spacer bar behind the astragal bar which gives the appearance of individual sealed units.

Georgian bars (internal fret) – colour matched flat plastic pieces mounted between the glazing panels that appear to divide the windows into sections.


Slim Midrail
Measuring a mere 37mm, this new midrail option is a game-changer! More than 10mm slimmer than its standard counterpart, it’s considered more authentic, matching the midrail on traditional Victorian sash windows.


Deep bottom rail

The mechanical deep bottom rail is mainly a matter of appearance – it matches a bit better the looks of an authentic timber window – standard bottom is 60mm high as oppose to the deep bottom rail which is 100mm high.


Modular Trickle Vent 1
Modular Trickle Vent 2

The main purpose of trickle vents is to combat the effect of condensation inside a home. New builds and properties where the old windows have trickle vents require them in order to be Building Regs compliant. Doc F of the Building Regs require:

  • Habitable rooms and kitchens: min. 8000mm2 EA/10,000mm2 EA in single story dwellings
  • Bathrooms (with or without a toilet): min. 4000mm2 EA

Trickle vents are located in the top sash and can be coloured to suit the window finish. An internal flap enables the vent to be opened and closed as required. The window width will dictate the appropriate number of modules to be used.

Modular vent
Window WidthNo of ModulesTotal EA
775mm +48000


Obscured glass 1
Obscured glass 2

You can choose from our range of decorative glass. Whether it`s for privacy or to allow more light in while keeping your chosen obscuration level, our textured glass gives you traditional or stylish contemporary options. Check all available glass patterns.


Sill sizes
Sill Size

The sill of our uPVC sash windows is integral and forms the bottom of the frame. An external sill is used to carry water away from the brickwork. We offer a number of sill options:

  • 150mm sill with up-stand – offered as standard, has no external projection, can be used when fitting onto existing stone/concrete sill. Internal window board butts up to up-stand
  • 210mm sill with up-stand – 70mm external projection

PAS 24

PAS 24

All plans or building notices submitted after 1st October 2015 have to comply with Part Q, which relates to any door or window installed in a ‘dwelling’ (including flats and apartments) and which can be easily accessed by a burglar, including balcony and casement doors, and units installed above flat or gently sloping roofs within 3.5m of ground level.
To meet Part Q requirements, windows and doors must satisfy new standards of robustness, use approved hardware, and demonstrate proven security performance.

Upgrade the security of your uPVC sliding sash windows by taking advantage of our PAS 24:2016 security package. This enhancement includes the following four upgrades: reinforced tilt latches, upgraded locking keep, upgraded lock, top sash security blocks. This is generally mandatory on new-build projects.


Frame extenders sash windows

Frame extenders can be used to fill gaps in the reveal when installing a window. They can also be used to fill shallow arches.
Available in two sizes (30mm or 50mm), and 60mm deep they can be applied to the internal face, external face or both.



The top of the frame and sash can be shaped into any curve up to a true arch. The top sash of arched windows cannot slide as there is nowhere for the balances to be attached; therefore this is fixed.


Fire escape sash windows

If any of your uPVC sliding sash windows should comply with Part B of the current Building Regulations, then you might have to consider our ‘fire escape’ option.

The fire escape window looks and operates just like one of our normal sash windows in terms of sliding and tilting. The ‘fire escape’ function is the ability to slide the bottom sash upwards while tilted inwards. This allows suitable egress to enable emergency escape.

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