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Published on August 10, 2023 10:52 AM

UPVC windows (sometimes referred to as pvc windows) are a popular choice for homeowners who want to improve the energy efficiency, security and appearance of their homes. UPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, a durable and low-maintenance material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist fading, rotting and warping. UPVC windows come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are some factors to consider when buying UPVC windows:

Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of UPVC windows is that they can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills by reducing heat loss and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. UPVC windows have a high thermal insulation property, which means they prevent heat from escaping in winter and entering in summer. They also have double or triple glazed units that create an air gap between the panes of glass, which acts as a barrier against heat transfer and noise pollution.

Buyers Guide for Buying UPVC Windows Deceuninck casements

To measure the energy efficiency of UPVC windows, you can look at two ratings: the U-value and the energy rating. The U-value indicates how much heat passes through a window per square metre per degree Celsius difference in temperature. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation. The energy rating is a scale from A++ to G that shows how well a window prevents heat loss, allows solar gain and reduces air leakage. The higher the energy rating, the more energy efficient the window.

Style and Colour

Another advantage of UPVC windows is that they can enhance the appearance and value of your home by adding style and character. UPVC windows come in a range of styles and colours that can match your existing décor or create a new look. Some of the most common styles of UPVC windows are:

Casement windows: These are hinged windows that open outwards or inwards, depending on your preference. They are versatile and suitable for most types of homes. They offer good ventilation and security, as they can be locked in multiple points around the frame. To give your room more space they can be attached together to make bay windows or curved bow windows.

Tilt and turn windows: These are windows that can tilt inwards from the top or turn inwards from the side, depending on how you operate the handle. They are ideal for modern or contemporary homes, as they have a sleek and minimalist design. They also provide excellent ventilation and security, as they can be opened partially or fully for easy cleaning and access.

Flush sash windows: These are windows that have sashes that sit flush with the frame, creating a smooth and seamless appearance. They are ideal for homes that want to achieve a modern grey window look with a traditional touch. They also provide high energy efficiency and security, as they have multi-chambered frames and multi-point locking systems.

As for colours, UPVC windows can be customised to suit your taste and style. You can choose from a range of standard woodgrain colours that mimic the natural beauty of timber, such as oak, rosewood or mahogany. The most popular colours are white woodgrain and grey upvc woodgrain. UPVC windows can be sprayed in the factory to any colour.

UPVC windows are available with three distinctive styles of frame and beading: chamfered, ovolo and flush sash. Ovolo (often referred to as sculptured) are the most popular.


A third benefit of UPVC windows is that they can provide peace of mind by protecting your home from intruders and accidents. UPVC windows are made from strong and durable materials that can resist impact, force and tampering. They also have advanced locking systems that can prevent unwanted opening and access.

Some of the security features of UPVC windows are:

UPVC windows security locks: Most UPVC windows have key-operated locking handles and any home should have them for basic security. Most UPVC windows also have multi point locking which provides security down the full length of the window and can withstand massive amounts of force.

Lockable ventilation & night vents: Some UPVC windows can be set to a night vent position where the window is locked with a small one-inch gap for ventilation. This allows you to enjoy fresh air without compromising security.

Stainless steel friction hinge: This is a type of hinge that allows the window to open smoothly and securely, as well as providing an easy escape route in case of fire or emergency.Window opening restrictors: These are devices that limit how far a window can open, either by using a cable or a catch. They are useful for preventing children from falling out of windows or intruders from climbing in…

Internally beaded windows: These are windows that have the glass fitted from the inside of the frame, rather than the outside. This makes it harder for intruders to remove the glass and gain access to your home.

Laminated glass: This is a type of glass that has a layer of plastic sandwiched between two panes of glass, making it more resistant to breaking and shattering. If the glass does break, it will hold together rather than falling apart into sharp pieces.

When comparing UPVC windows security, you should look for accreditations such as PAS 24: 2022 and Secured By Design, which indicate that the windows have met high standards of security performance and quality. You should also check with your insurance company if they have any specific requirements or discounts for installing secure UPVC windows.

Why buy UPVC casement windows from Colin’s Sash Windows?

Our upvc windows price is amongst the best available. However, quality is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve selected the double glazed Deceuninck 2800 system which provides homeowners who are looking for high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows that provide excellent performance and durability. It really is a great choice of double glazing window! Some people think pvc for windows isn’t environmentally friendly but in fact it’s 100% recyclable!

  • These modern upvc windows are multi chambered for energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and reinforced with steel for added strength and security.
  • While white upvc windows are the biggest seller if you’re looking for coloured upvc windows ours are available in a wide range of colours. We offer woodgrains or you can have them sprayed in any colour you want! Grey upvc windows are a popular choice , in fact anthracite grey windows are one of our best sellers. Black upvc windows are also extremely popular.

Although our main business is selling sash windows we also supply mock sash windows, sometimes called “fake sash windows”. These are top opening windows with mock sash horns. Please call us or send an enquiry for more information.

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Colin Greenslade
Written by Colin Greenslade
I'm the founder of Colin's Sash Windows. I disrupted the sash windows market in the UK in 2014 by introducing fixed prices for uPVC sash windows in the UK. Before this they were generally only available at very high prices through window installers. Today our business is one of the market leaders in supply only windows, doors and roofs in the UK.

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