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Published on August 23, 2022 8:03 PM

Woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes are now available

At Colin’s Sash Windows, we have new exceptional woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes available in the popular Visofold 1000 slide folding systems. They come in a range of genuine wood-like finishes that match the traditional timber alternatives.

Our exceptional bifolding doors are available in a choice of woodgrain finishes and give you all the benefits of aluminium. They offer you the look and feel of real wood at very fair prices, with guaranteed durability.

woodgrain foil

Why choose woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes

The new bifolding doors also come with a modern design and amazing outlook. Besides being strong and light, the design features a thermal break, which makes them stand out with a standard for perfect thermal performance. The woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes offer several benefits to homeowners. Besides the stunning wood effect, they are available in diverse colours, including black, grey and white. Another outstanding aspect is that woodgrain finishes were explicitly designed for exterior applications. As a result, they have the tenacity to withstand harsh environmental conditions without losing their texture or outlook. In addition, the foils have a grained finish to ensure they feel and look like wood. So, these bifold are the best choice for people who love timber look and durability and who would like to match the doors with their woodgrain sliding sash windows or casements.

The bonding of the woodgrain foil to aluminium is done using hot glue and rollers to give the bifolding doors an excellent finish. The foiling process is done using state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee high quality. In addition, profile and frame setting design allows easier fabrication without damaging the foils. When you choose these finishes, you will improve your property’s aesthetics with timber-looking bifolding doors. Woodgrain aluminium doors are a great alternative to real wood with almost zero maintenance costs. Unlike real timber, woodgrain finishes do not wane or fade over time. Their durability makes them cost-effective and suitable for long-term investment for property owners. If you are looking for a faultless match for your windows or new replacement windows, consider getting these woodgrain aluminium bifold doors. The wood-like appearance of the bifold finishes gives a superb outlook and aesthetics for people looking for prestige. The woodgrain bifolding doors open and close like a concertina. They offer great value to individuals who want to create spacious, light-filled rooms.

At Colin’s Sash Windows, we also provide aluminium frames that enhance the durability of the doors. We provide clients with diverse configurations, from two, three, up to eight panels. We have a friendly team that is always dedicated respond to questions and concerns about our products. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of clients. So, we create bifold doors that give a neat aesthetic look to your home.

Woodgrain aluminium bifold doors’ core benefits include thermal efficiency, security, and weatherproofing. We also offer a ten-year guarantee on our products, so you do not have to worry about short-term defects. Our bifold doors utilize cutting-edge polyamide thermal break technology. The technology aims to create a barrier between the cold outside and the warm inside. So, homeowners enjoy warm properties during winter and well-ventilated spaces during summer. In addition to the stunning look, the new woodgrain aluminium bifold doors are very secure. They come with effective locking mechanisms, including Visofold 1000 Smart systems. The doors also include a broad array of enhanced features and laminated glass.

Another feature available on our doors includes rubber seals and draught excluders. These components make the woodgrain aluminium bifold doors weather-resistant, enhancing their durability. In addition, our doors are tested under the toughest atmospheric conditions. So, we guarantee that there are almost zero defects or leakages caused by weather. With our warranty, we give clients peace of mind and help them to know that they are investing in a product that lasts for years. As a business, we want our customers to feel safe and get value for their money.

The Visofold 1000 doors remain the best seller in the market because of their smart and cutting-edge solutions. As a result, Visofold doors have a significant market share, affirming their reliability and durability. Our products are the staple woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes all over the UK. We remain the most revered supplier of reliable aluminium finishes.
We also provide Visofold 2000, 3000, 4000, and 6000, which are ideal for commercial and residential use. As one of the UK’s leading sash windows suppliers, we aim to give clients a variety to meet their expectations.

Woodgrain bifold door pricing

Our pricing varies based on your custom request. You can always contact us by sending your request and submitting inquiries on our website. Our friendly sales team is always dedicated to discussing your requirements through calling or emailing.
If you consider upgrading your windows and doors, the woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes are the best. Despite the high initial cost, they are stronger and more durable, becoming a better long-term investment and increasing your property’s value. The long-term benefits make woodgrain aluminium finishes the best for homeowners.

Colin Greenslade
Written by Colin Greenslade
I'm the founder of Colin's Sash Windows. I disrupted the sash windows market in the UK in 2014 by introducing fixed prices for uPVC sash windows in the UK. Before this they were generally only available at very high prices through window installers. Today our business is one of the market leaders in supply only windows, doors and roofs in the UK.

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