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Explore the Best in Class Aluminium Composite Doors – Smart Signature Doors: Unmatched Security, Customization, and Style

Signature aluminium doors
At Colin’s Sash Windows we’ve selected what we think are the best composite doors available. We stopped offering uPVC composite doors because they are prone to colour fading and warping in the hotter temperatures we experience these days. These aluminium composite doors are a very similar price but are much better quality.

Redefining Entrance Doors with Aluminium Composite Technology

1. Introduction

  • British-made aluminium composite doors.
  • Ideal for traditional to ultra-modern homes.
  • Result of extensive research and design.

2. Advantages

  • Enhanced Security: Offering superior protection with advanced locking systems and a £4000 guarantee.
  • Outstanding Performance: Weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and low maintenance.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Wide range of colours and finishes, including a unique textured powder coat for lasting beauty.
    • Durability: Resistant to warping, fading, and wear, ensuring long-term performance.

    3. Customization Options

    • Colour Choices: Extensive colour palette with options for door, frame, and accessory matching.
    • Hardware Options: Variety of handles, letterplates, and knockers in different styles and materials.
    • Glazing Options: Choices between clear and satin finish for door surrounds, side lights, and top lights.

    4. Unique Features

    • Thermal Insulation: Enhanced thermal barrier and weather seals for improved home insulation.
    • Security Innovations: Multi-point locking systems, anti-snap, anti-bump, and anti-drill cylinders.
    • Guarantee: Industry-leading guarantees on paint finish, manufacturing, and hardware.
    Signature aluminium doors
    Signature aluminium doors
    5. Environmental Commitment

    • Made in Britain: Part of the Made in Britain network, emphasizing local manufacturing success.
    • Sustainable Materials: Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and all materials are responsibly sourced.

    6. Maintenance and Support

    • Easy Maintenance: Simple cleaning and occasional oiling of moving parts.
    • Comprehensive Support: Detailed maintenance guides and customer support for any inquiries.
    • Woodchester
    • Millbrook Signature Doors
    • Lansdown Signature Doors
    • Harley Signature Doors
    • Carnaby Signature Doors
    • Broadfield Signature Doors

    Signature aluminiums doors-colours 1
    Signature aluminiums doors-colours 2


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