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Heritage Aluminium Casement Windows

Casement window Heritage aluminium
The Alitherm Heritage collection was meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of renovation and restoration projects, particularly in areas where planning sensitivity is crucial. This range is exceptionally well-suited for Victorian and Art Deco style projects and includes a variety of commercial and residential windows and balcony doors. These products have been widely successful in numerous refurbishment and heritage initiatives throughout the UK.

Alitherm Heritage stands out as an ideal modern substitute for traditional building materials, especially in scenarios where planning or design guidelines require materials that blend seamlessly with the existing environment. This is even applicable to listed buildings. Various Local Authorities, including those in the London Boroughs of Islington, Camden, and Tower Hamlets, Watford Borough Council, and Essex County Council, as well as Cadw, the Welsh Government’s historical environment service, have approved the use of this system.

Both the door and window ranges in the Alitherm Heritage line showcase the slim profiles and fine sight lines characteristic of traditional steel doors and windows. However, they also incorporate the excellent thermal efficiency of a contemporary aluminium system, each achieving a ‘B’ Energy Rating.

The Alitherm Heritage windows, featuring slender, thermally broken profiles, come in several styles such as fixed-pane, sash, top-hung and side-hung casement, pivot, and tilt and turn. These variants can be combined in horizontal modules, connected using our coupling options, to create a multi-part window.

They are designed to accommodate various sizes and come equipped with multi-point locking mechanisms and face-mounted finger thrown locking bolts. Both window and door systems offer a U-Value of 1.5 W/m²K when installed with an appropriate sealed unit. They are available in single or dual polyester powder-coated finishes.

The Alitherm Heritage balcony doors, suitable for both single and double door setups, are offered in a diverse range of configurations.

French doors with solid bottom panels and Heritage window

Standard Colours

  • RAL 9010
    White Gloss
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 9005
    Black RAL 9005 Matt
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 7016
    Grey RAL 7016 Matt

Special RAL Colours

  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 9010
    RAL 9010
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 9006
    RAL 9006
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 9007
    RAL 9007
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 9001
    RAL 9001
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 6009
    RAL 6009
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 5001
    RAL 5001
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 3004
    RAL 3004
  • Aluminium casement window colour RAL 1015
    RAL 1015

  • White furniture
  • Black furniture

Our Alitherm Heritage ranges are all available with a full suite of hardware options, with products specifically designed to match the door and window furniture that is synonymous with Victorian and Art Deco styles – including ‘Monkey Tail’ and ‘Bulb’ options for windows and ‘Art Deco’ handle for doors.

Installation available

Available installation in some limited areas. Please ask us.

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