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Published on March 10, 2023 4:05 PM
We are proud to present our portfolio of glazed internal doors and partition solutions. These designs are intended to give light and airy internal environments. These internal doors with glass are sleek and elegant, created to perfectly complement our different windows and door ranges. The internal sliding doors are extremely popular as they are space saving. The more traditional internal French doors are also very popular.

We’ve got 3 options for you. The first two are similar to the original steel French doors and windows from the 1920’s. The 3rd option are more modern frameless glass doors and partitions.

Internal Steel doors and Partitions

Our internal steel doors and partitions can be used to divide spaces in both commercial and residential settings.

With their flexible design, they can be configured to fit in any size or shape. They also provide an effective acoustic barrier, another reason they are preferred by our clients. Internal door and partition solutions come with hinged single or double doors, as well as pivot and sliding options to accompany the fixed glazed screen.

The flexible and versatile system offers multiple design possibilities. At Colin’s Sash Windows, we are proud to help our customers get the best partitions. Our systems come with a guarantee.

Our door systems are produced using certified procedures, guaranteeing quality to all our customers. They come with slim steel profiles to provide an elegant appearance and a sensation of openness. So, the systems are ideal for people who always look for aesthetic appeal in their design.

Another benefit that comes with these internal doors and partitions is the high-quality glass materials. With our steel systems, you will enhance the lighting and elegance of your spaces. We help you realize the true ethereal beauty and versatility of glass through the incorporation of frameless glass systems into your design.

Internal Steel doors and Partitions
Aluminium steel effect doors and partitions

Aluminium steel effect doors and partitions

Our new Aluspace doors and partitions mimic the original doors and windows. They are single glazed and, like the steel doors, have very thin profiles.

At Colin’s Sash Windows, we also offer a fixed glazed screen in this system, which provides limitless design possibilities. It is manufactured by Smart Systems in the UK.

The design is also intended to be durable with minimal maintenance. So, you will have years of assured and reliable performance from these doors. We provide the perfect screening solution for your residential or commercial needs.

Frameless glass doors and partitions

These are the newest addition to our range. These modern internal doors are frameless glass doors and partitions are modern in design and highly customisable. We mostly sell them in clear or satin obscure glass but we also have lots of standard etching designs or you can design your own.

We can offer hinged single and double doors or sliding single and double doors including pocket sliding doors. We can also offer frameless folding doors in bi-folding and tri-folding options. The minimalist system pivots from the top track with no channels or guides on the floor. The hinges incorporate a magnetic design to hold the doors in place when closed.

The maximum size for bi-fold is 1600 x 2200 and for tri-fold 2500 x 2200. Additional height can also be achieved if required. Systems can be fitted on either side of an opening giving an option for 3200 and 5000mm maximum openings.

Frameless glass doors and partitions

Why you should buy our interior doors and partitions

Our systems are among the best in the country. They are designed with cutting-edge technologies to give aesthetic value and perfect solutions for customers. If you need light-filled spaces and aesthetically appealing homes, this is the best choice you can get.

They come in an elegant and sleek design, ensuring that your desired aesthetic looks. Another key advantage of these systems is that they are hugely versatile and flexible. They are manufactured using a standard approach that ensures high quality and durability. They require minimal maintenance, making them the most preferred choice for residential and commercial space developers.

These systems are effective in combining privacy with light and space. We give architects and interior designers a chance to create space and light in an internal environment. They come with a huge range of colours and design options. Besides that, there is a minimal number of core components, making them ideal for partitioning living or working spaces.

There are diverse options available. Architects and interior designers can choose from the classic modern, and industrial outlooks, which come with matching, contrasting, or complementary colours to the screens and doors.

There are also visible hinges, concealed pivots, and sliding mechanisms that come with these systems that are tailored to give a perfect look to your spaces. You will get single, double, and sliding doors with fixed screens. There is also a wide range of accessories supplied in matching or complementary colours.

Our pricing and quotes

We allow you to choose the best design and size that suits your requirements. You can always get quotes on your orders. Our sales team is always available to respond to questions and issues you raise. The pricing varies depending on your design and size.

At Colin’s Sash Windows, we have a solution for every interior style. Contact us today and tell us about your requirements.

Colin Greenslade
Written by Colin Greenslade
I'm the founder of Colin's Sash Windows. I disrupted the sash windows market in the UK in 2014 by introducing fixed prices for uPVC sash windows in the UK. Before this they were generally only available at very high prices through window installers. Today our business is one of the market leaders in supply only windows, doors and roofs in the UK.

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