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Published on December 15, 2023 1:05 PM

Exploring the Elegance of Reeded Glass Doors – A Blend of Style and Privacy

Few things encapsulate the perfect blend of elegance and functionality as reeded glass doors do. With their sophisticated design and versatile nature, they have become a preferred choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. Their unique ability to offer privacy while allowing natural light to filter through has led to a surge in their popularity over the last five years. At Colin’s Sash Windows we get a lot of requests for reeded glass to go with our internal black steel doors and Aluspace aluminium doors.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the world of reeded glass doors and discover why they are an excellent addition to any space. Although reeded glass has become very popular for cabinet doors and shower screens this article is based around internal aluminium doors and steel doors and partitions.

Bloomsbury Steel Doors with Reeded glass
Single door Aluspace with Reeded glass

Key Takeaways

• Reeded glass doors provide an aesthetically pleasing, functional design with vertical grooves.
• They offer a balance of privacy and light transmission, making them ideal for many different applications in residential settings.
• They have a retro feel but, according to the UK’s biggest glass manufacturer, Pilkington, there has been a 1000% increase in demand over the last few years.

The Beauty of Reeded Glass Doors

Exemplifying design and craftsmanship marvels, reeded glass doors flaunt elegant vertical grooves. Reeded glass is also known as fluted glass and ribbed glass. It is produced by pressing semi-molten glass against metal rollers, a meticulous process that results in a pattern reminiscent of a beautiful piece of art. They offer an aesthetic that is both unique and stylish.

Their beauty is not confined to their appearance alone. Aside from their distinct aesthetic appeal and colour, these doors also:

• Promote privacy
• Allow the passage of natural light

These qualities make reeded glass doors a versatile option that adds character to any space.

Vertical Reeds Design

The unique vertical reeds design is what gives reeded glass doors and windows their charm.

The creation of this design involves adding vertical grooves or ribs to the glass surface, achievable either through reeded glazing or constructing glass panels with vertical grooves. This design creates a visual barrier that obstructs the view from outside, offering privacy while allowing natural light to enter the room.

Benefits of Reeded Glass in Doors

Reeded glass doors offer a myriad of benefits that make them a valuable addition to any space. A major advantage of these doors is the balance they strike between offering privacy and enabling excellent light transmission. The textured surface of reeded glass creates a unique aesthetic while maintaining functionality.

As light passes through the reeded design, it scatters to produce a soft, diffused lighting effect. This not only diminishes glare but also provides privacy protection while still allowing natural light to illuminate the room. The harmonious balance between privacy and light transmission significantly contributes to the increasing popularity of reeded glass doors.

Privacy Level

Reeded glass doors are a reasonable choice for privacy. On Pilkington’s scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most obscure) it is ranked at 2. They offer a distorted view when looked through, making visibility through the glass harder and rendering them a popular choice for en suite bathroom doors and other areas where privacy is paramount. Reeded glass adds a retro feel in Aluspace aluminium internal doors and the ever popular black steel doors. They’re also a popular choice in dividing up living and eating spaces with internal glass sliding doors.

Single door Aluspace with Reeded glas
Reeded glass

The rise in popularity of Reeded Glass as reported by Glass Times

Glass merchant Park Glass, which supplies the full range from Pilkington UK, has reported that Pilkington Reeded glass now represents more than half of its sales in the texture glass category.

According to Pilkington, this rise in popularity reflects a broader trend in the design and architecture industry. Pilkington Reeded glass is said to offer a distinctive blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and versatility, making it popular for a wide range of applications.

Pilkington Reeded glass finds its typical applications in modular walls, dividers, partitions, and doors, providing a blend of privacy and decorative style. It is commonly used in various settings such as healthcare facilities, corporate offices, hospitality spaces and bathrooms.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Pilkington Reeded is also said to be durable and low maintenance, resistant to scratches, stains, and other common forms of wear and tear.

Kirk Green, regional sales manager at Pilkington UK, said: “The growth in popularity of Pilkington Reeded glass speaks for itself, it is a testament to the transformative nature of textured glass in architecture.

“It’s used to take advantage of light and shadow for aesthetic purposes, add depth and provide privacy, while allowing natural light to filter through. A blend of form and function as well as a distinct aesthetic appeal is not only reshaping the current design landscape but influencing future trends.”

Ollie Pryer, director at Park Glass, said: “Pilkington Reeded glass is truly a fantastic choice in today’s world, and for all the right reasons. Its incredible versatility to fit in with different needs and settings have made it incredibly popular across a wide range of applications.”

“We’ve noticed that the growing preference for aluminium steel look window and door frames correlates to the popularity of Pilkington Reeded glass. The resurgence of the textured glass trend, once popular in the 1920’s is interesting to see, with its timeless character rooted in Art Deco style – history has a way of repeating itself.”

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From their elegant design to their versatility, reeded glass doors offer a wealth of benefits. Their unique ability to provide both privacy and light transmission makes them an ideal choice for any space. Whether it’s their application in residential interiors or their customisability in terms of size, thickness, and safety glass, reeded glass doors present a perfect blend of aesthetic and function. As we have seen, reeded glass doors are not just doors; they are a design element that adds character and elegance to any space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is reeded glass more expensive?
Generally, reeded glass is slightly more expensive than regular glass due to its unique texture and manufacturing process.

What is the difference between reeded and fluted glass?
Reeded glass has a concave, hollowed-out appearance, while fluted or ribbed glass has a convex, curve-like look.

Is reeded glass old fashioned?
Reeded Glass has a traditional feel but is also surprisingly versatile, making it the perfect choice for both modern and traditional homes. Thus, rather than being old-fashioned, it can be described as timeless.

Is reeded glass good for privacy?
Reeded glass is suitable for use in doors and windows, providing low obscuration level 2 privacy. It is a well-established, vertical, ribbed design that is popular in cabinet and entrance doors, available in both 4mm Annealed and 4mm Toughened forms. Therefore, reeded glass is good for privacy.

What is reeded glass?
Reeded glass, also known as fluted glass or ribbed glass, is a type of patterned glass produced by pressing semi-molten glass against metal rollers. It has polished edges which give a refined touch to the appearance of doors.

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