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Published on August 17, 2023 10:09 AM

What are heritage windows?

There’s quite a lot of confusion around this question. Heritage windows in the UK refer to windows that are designed and crafted to replicate the authentic architectural styles of a particular historical period. These windows are often used in conservation areas, listed buildings, and properties with historical significance to maintain the original aesthetics and charm of the structure while incorporating modern features for improved energy efficiency and functionality.
Here at Colin’s Sash Windows nearly all our double glazed windows can be described as heritage doors and windows. The main exception is our standard casement uPVC windows.
In many cases, properties located in conservation areas or designated as listed buildings are subject to strict regulations regarding any changes or replacements of windows. Heritage windows are often required to meet these regulations to preserve the historical character of the building. We have had a lot of success with many conservation areas accepting our double glazed uPVC sash windows.

Casement windows

What are our Heritage upvc windows?

Flush casement uPVC windows

We often get asked What is the difference between a flush and a non-flush window?
The word ‘flush’ is used for a casement window that has a perfectly flat surface because of its window sashes sitting completely flush with the window frame. A ‘non-flush’ casement doesn’t have a flat surface as its window sashes marginally extend past the window.

Flush casements (sometimes called flush sash) in upvc are a versatile choice, complementing various settings from contemporary townhouses to charming country cottages. Designed to harmonize effortlessly with your property’s aesthetic, these windows boast sleek sightlines and a flush fit that eliminates any visual distractions. Our flush casement uPVC window not only exudes timeless elegance but also promise long-lasting performance, making them a valuable and cost-effective investment. Discover why our uPVC flush casements are the perfect addition to enhance your project.

Sash windows

All our sash windows can be described as heritage, They replicate the features of traditional wooden sash windows but our uPVC sash windows have modern features such as tilting in for easy cleaning. If you’re thinking of repairing sash windows it’s often cheaper and much more beneficial to replace them with our double glazed sash windows. We offer 3 types of upvc sash windows. Standard with welded joints, seamless welded with a woodgrain foil or our top of the range mechanical jointed sash windows. Which one you choose depends on your budget but all our customers tell us they can’t tell the difference between upvc windows and wooden sash windows.

What are our options for heritage aluminium doors and heritage aluminium windows?

We are one of the market leaders in this sector. We started supplying heritage aluminium French doors in 2019.

White uPVC Spectus sash window with middle bar

Alitherm heritage French doors

Some people refer to them as heritage patio doors and are from the Alitherm Heritage Range. This is the original and best profile which is made by Smart heritage replicating the original features of steel but made from more thermally efficient aluminium. We also offer Alitherm heritage windows to match and single glazed Aluspace aluminium as well as steel internal doors from the Aluspace range so you can continue the theme inside using the benefits of natural light.

Heritage bifold doors

These aluminium steel look bifold doors options can be cheaper than our Alitherm Haritage steel look French doors because they can be made higher so you don’t need a fixed top light. We have 3 options which you can see here.

Radiating sophistication and elegance, steel look bifold doors offer an unparalleled allure. With their sleek, minimalist design and slender steel frames, they infuse spaces with an industrial chic essence, seamlessly harmonizing with diverse settings, from classic residences to modern lofts.

The unique grid pattern formed by these delicate frames introduces captivating visual intrigue and architectural charisma, enhancing the interior and exterior aesthetics of your property. Whether closed to exude privacy or fully extended to blur the line between indoors and outdoors, these doors consistently deliver a breathtaking visual statement.

In conclusion Heritage windows are a popular choice for property owners who wish to maintain the charm and character of their historical buildings while benefiting from modern comfort and energy efficiency. These windows strike a balance between tradition and innovation, allowing occupants to enjoy the aesthetics of the past without compromising on modern living standards.

Heritage aluminium bifold - anthracite
Colin Greenslade
Written by Colin Greenslade
I'm the founder of Colin's Sash Windows. I disrupted the sash windows market in the UK in 2014 by introducing fixed prices for uPVC sash windows in the UK. Before this they were generally only available at very high prices through window installers. Today our business is one of the market leaders in supply only windows, doors and roofs in the UK.

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