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Sliding double doors with sides Aluspace

5 Benefits of Installing Aluminium Internal Doors: Why You Should Consider Them

Published on March 13, 2024 2:01 PM

Doors: Why You Should Consider Them Aluminium internal doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and buildings. They are lightweight, durable, and versatile, making them a great choice for both functionality and aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the top five benefits of installing aluminium internal doors in your home or building. Firstly, […]

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Bloomsbury Steel Doors with Reeded glass

Stylish Reeded Glass Doors – Elegant Privacy for Your Home

Published on December 15, 2023 1:05 PM

Exploring the Elegance of Reeded Glass Doors – A Blend of Style and Privacy Few things encapsulate the perfect blend of elegance and functionality as reeded glass doors do. With their sophisticated design and versatile nature, they have become a preferred choice for homeowners and interior designers alike. Their unique ability to offer privacy while […]

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Aluminium Flush Casement Window

Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Windows in 2024: Styles, Costs, Pros & Cons

Published on December 6, 2023 9:23 AM

If you’re in the market for new windows, you might be exploring various window frame materials as an alternative to the popular uPVC type. Each material possesses its own unique properties, influencing the appearance of your house and factors like cost, insulation, and noise control. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of aluminium […]

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Internal Aluspace Sliding Doors in Black

2024 Interior Design Revolution: AluSpace Doors & Screens – Elegance and Durability

Published on December 6, 2023 8:35 AM

Introduction to AluSpace Interior Door Designs In the realm of interior design, the introduction of AluSpace interior doors and screens marks a significant milestone. Developed by the renowned aluminium extruder Smart Systems, these products are not just a new interior solution; they represent a paradigm shift in how we think about internal spaces. AluSpace doors […]

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Signature aluminium doors

Explore the Best in Class Aluminium Composite Doors – Smart Signature Doors: Unmatched Security, Customization, and Style

Published on November 24, 2023 4:46 PM

At Colin’s Sash Windows we’ve selected what we think are the best composite doors available. We stopped offering uPVC composite doors because they are prone to colour fading and warping in the hotter temperatures we experience these days. These aluminium composite front doors are a very similar price but are much better quality. If you’re […]

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Alitherm 300 casement windows

A buyers guide to Heritage windows

Published on August 17, 2023 10:09 AM

What are heritage windows? There’s quite a lot of confusion around this question. Heritage windows in the UK refer to windows that are designed and crafted to replicate the authentic architectural styles of a particular historical period. These windows are often used in conservation areas, listed buildings, and properties with historical significance to maintain the […]

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Internal Aluspace Sliding Doors in Black

Harnessing Borrowed Light: Enhancing Interior Spaces with Aluspace or Steel Glass Doors and Partitions

Published on June 21, 2023 7:49 PM

Introduction In the realm of interior design, light plays a vital role in creating inviting and visually appealing spaces. While natural light is often preferred, not every room has direct access to ample sunlight. However, with the clever use of glass doors and partitions, one can capitalize on the concept of “borrowed light.” In this […]

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Internal STEEL door with 2x side panel cover

Buyers guide to internal French doors and screens

Published on May 3, 2023 7:14 PM

Everybody loves the style of these steel doors these days. The problem for a lot of people is that the original steel doors cost a lot and are out of a lot of people`s budget. In this blog post we’ll take a look at cheaper alternatives.Here at Colin’s Sash Windows one of our newest and […]

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Crittal blog heading

A buyers guide for steel look aluminium French doors and windows

Published on April 19, 2023 7:29 PM

Everybody loves these distinctive steel-framed windows and doors these days. In this blog post, we’ll explore their history and more affordable alternatives. The windows and French doors we’re discussing were invented in 1884 by a British ironmonger who founded a manufacturing company in Essex, England. Originally producing wrought iron and steel products, the company soon […]

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Exclusive internal doors and partition solutions

Exclusive internal door and partition solutions

Published on March 10, 2023 4:05 PM

We are proud to present our portfolio of glazed internal doors and partition solutions. These designs are intended to give light and airy internal environments. These internal doors with glass are sleek and elegant, created to perfectly complement our different windows and door ranges. The internal sliding doors are extremely popular as they are space […]

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internal aluminium doors

Internal AluSpace Doors and Screens

Published on September 21, 2022 9:33 AM

AluSpace systems are now available We have a great addition to our product portfolio, the AluSpace Smart Systems. AluSpace systems has excellent features to create light and airy internal environments. Its sleek and elegant design is intended to complement the different sizes and shapes. AluSpace systems are multipurpose, suitable for commercial and residential spaces. They […]

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woodgrain foil

New Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors with Woodgrain Finish

Published on August 23, 2022 8:03 PM

Woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes are now available At Colin’s Sash Windows, we have new exceptional woodgrain aluminium bifold finishes available in the popular Visofold 1000 slide folding systems. They come in a range of genuine wood-like finishes that match the traditional timber alternatives. Our exceptional bifolding doors are available in a choice of woodgrain finishes […]

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